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  Title: End of my first main game 02/29/2008
Feb 29, 2008 - 7:31 am
Posted By: Zoid

This was my first time playing main server, first completed game, first time playing V.31. I only played V.30 for a couple months before this (on virtually dead servers), and V.21 for a month or two back in 2004.

I ended in 15th place, thanks in no small part (I'd guess) to the mercy of my betters who knew I was new.

Everyone knew where I was because I didn't know any better than to build my planets in real space, and by the time I realized how silly that was, my empire was already too big to change. However, even when I was no longer bounty-protected most declined to attack me, and most of those who did exercised some degree of restraint after demonstrating that they COULD defeat my sector defenses AND the planetary defenses of my strongest planets easily.

While I'm sure I have much yet to learn, I did learn a lot in that game.

Thanks to all those who kindly taught me elementary (but so important!) things like bouncing off Sol (that one from Rebel, aka outlaw69) and too many others to name.

And Harry S Truman aka Tarnus, not just for helpful advice and good-natured chit-chat via shoutbox throughout the game, and crushing cockroaches (hehe), but for his dedication to maintaining game balance and sense of fair play, adminning the forum and everything else he does in the AAT community to make the game better.

And those who came, saw, and offered good advice on hiding (which was too late for me then but will be invaluable in the future) such as Afterburn aka A-Blitz, and left me completely alone so I could learn in peace. I know there were many others who were just as merciful.

And those who found my places and demonstrated their ability to take it but left me alone instead, when they could have utterly destroyed me, like Vicious.

And Hound Dog, who scared the bejeezus out of me from the beginning but left me alone (until very late in the game) and despite knowing where almost everything I had was, declined to take it all from me. He was also quite a gentleman in his communications - very gracious.

Thanks to bloggers Phirephly and Lucky Starr for their blog entries, providing some insights into their respective fields of expertise (as well as hours of reading pleasure).

And last but not least, I have to thank my chiefest antagonist George Leach (aka Valience) who embarked on a mission to destroy me with a single-minded dedication I still don't understand, for he taught me the most, not just by deeds, but thru MANY communications which, while SOMETIMES lacking the graciousness of others, he didn't mind discussing strategies with me and telling me what I was doing wrong and how to do better. Thanks also for his "Attackers Manual" blog entry, which I discovered far too late.

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